The Macks @ Ladd Taphouse [Portland, OR]

The manic madmen made marvelous music at the Ladd Taphouse on a Friday summer night. The Macks once again brought a killer energy to the stage on August 23rd, 2019. Accompanying The Macks we had Shaylee, Hannah DiMo, and The Weird Kids which made for a rocking line up.

Reel Big Fish @ Crystal Ballroom [Portland, OR]

On Tuesday night the Crystal Ballroom got to ‘pick it up’ at the ska show. The fourth wave is alive and well thanks to long time favorites such as Reel Big Fish who headlined the Crystal Ballroom on July 22nd, 2019. Accompanied by Bowling for Soup and Mest, the crowd couldn’t get enough.

Shot for Vortex Music Magazine.

Punk In Drublic @ Portland Meadows [Portland, OR]

Punk rock, a wide variety of brews, and even a streaker are just some of the fun experienced in Portland, OR this last Friday at Portland Meadows. NOFX’s Fat Mike got it right when they decided to team up with acts such as Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, MxPx, The Last Gang, and Mean Jeans for brew festival on July 12th, 2019 that they called Punk In Drublic. NOFX headlined playing a wide variety of tunes, including The Decline in full with an orchestra.

Shot for Vortex Music Magazine.

The Macks & The Shifts @ Sessions Music Lounge [Eugene, OR]

April is a month jam packed full of holidays. You’ve got April Fool’s day, Good Friday, Easter, 4-20, and last but not least Halfway Halloween. That’s right on Saturday April 27th at the Sessions Music Lounge in Eugene Oregon, creatures of night gathered for an evening full of Halloween fun. I had the pleasure of stopping by for some shooting shenanigans and was lucky enough to snap some pics of my favorite locals – The Macks & The Shifts. The monsters mashed and the kegs they tapped, it was an awesome evening full of rock ‘n’ roll.

Movements @ Hawthorne Theatre [Portland, OR]

The punk scene is live and well in the Good ol’ U-S-of-A and on Monday night it was splashed with just a bit of UK magic. California based Movements teamed up with punk rockers Boston Manor, Trash Boat, and Drug Church to tour these patriotic states. Performing for the wild PDX crowd, there was plenty of punks in the pit and these kids go hard!

Shot for Vortex Music Magazine.

Silverstein – When Broken Is Easily Fixed 15 Years Anniversary Tour [Portland, OR]

Close your eyes and picture the year 2003. You’ve got your favorite CD’s safely stored away in their perspective nylon and plastic slots in an over sized binder sliding around on the floor of your car. You just popped Silverstein’s When Broken is Easily Fixed into your cars CD player. With the windows down and the volume on high you cruise off into your feels as Smashed Into Pieces blares out of your crackling speakers. Everything is good again. Portland, OR got to relive every minute of those feels on 01-26-19 for albums 15th Anniversary Tour. With support from Hawthorne Heights, As Cities Burn, and Capstan – Silverstein Rocked Peter’s Room with a heavy dose of early 2000’s hardcore.

Shot for Vortex Music Magazine.

Grey Fiction @ Tonic Lounge – Portland, OR

The energy was electric and the rock was explosive! Embargo Presents always books a killer show but when the Muusse brothers take to the stage, magic happens. Supposedly 11/16/18 at the Tonic Lounge was the last time to catch the groovy fusion that is Grey Fiction live before we head into the new year. Rumor has it, that moving forward the boys will be hiding out at a super secret undisclosed location working on an extremely classified project. Or maybe that’s just conjecture ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Only time will tell. With support from The Angry Lisas, Common Hours, Bo Baskoro, and a heavy pour from the bartender – the audience danced the night away.

Underoath @ Crystal Ballroom – Portland, OR

Portland showed up on Thursday night as lovers of the heavy scene filled the Crystal Ballroom for an unforgettable experience. Underoath‘s Erase Me tour featuring bands such as Dance Gavin Dance, Crown the Empire, and The Plot in You is sure to get your feet moving.

-Shot for Vortex Music Magazine on 11/15/18

Blessthefall @ Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR

With support from The Word Alive, Ded, Thousand Below, and A War WithinBlessthefall rocked the Rose City. Hard Feelings Tour at the Hawthorne Theatre in Portland, OR on 10/03/18.

Vicious Rumors @ Dante’s – Portland, OR


Vicious Rumors brought a wild energy to Dante’s this last Tuesday night. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of their album “Digital Dictator” they were joined by Niviane and both bands absolutely crushed it! Fun night of some heavy tunes! Thanks again for having me out! Vortex Music Magazine also shared this gallery, you can view it on their site here!