Reel Big Fish @ Crystal Ballroom [Portland, OR]

On Tuesday night the Crystal Ballroom got to ‘pick it up’ at the ska show. The fourth wave is alive and well thanks to long time favorites such as Reel Big Fish who headlined the Crystal Ballroom on July 22nd, 2019. Accompanied by Bowling for Soup and Mest, the crowd couldn’t get enough.

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Punk In Drublic @ Portland Meadows [Portland, OR]

Punk rock, a wide variety of brews, and even a streaker are just some of the fun experienced in Portland, OR this last Friday at Portland Meadows. NOFX’s Fat Mike got it right when they decided to team up with acts such as Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, MxPx, The Last Gang, and Mean Jeans for brew festival on July 12th, 2019 that they called Punk In Drublic. NOFX headlined playing a wide variety of tunes, including The Decline in full with an orchestra.

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Emo Night Tour @ Hawthorne Theatre [Portland, OR]

We got all up in our feels on Saturday night at the Hawthorne Theatre. The Emo Night Tour unleashed a lot of emotion on a packed house on June 29th, 2019. Whether the DJ’s were serving up their favorite classics or the band was playing an incredible cover, everyone was dancing and singing along.

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The Frights @ Hawthorne Theatre [Portland, OR]

High energy and a full house made for an incredible evening with American surf punk rockers, The Frights. On May 17th with support from Dude York and Portland locals, On Drugs, the Hawthorne Theatre surfed the night away.

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Quinn XCII @ Crystal Ballroom [Portland, OR]

Wearing an orange jumpsuit and rocking a color coordinated Portland Gear hat, Quinn XCII hit the stage at the Crystal Ballroom. The “From Tour With Love” tour made brief but beautiful stop in PDX on Sunday , March 31st. The crowd was lively and each artist brought an insane amount of energy to the stage. Aligning with two up and coming young artists, Ashe and Christian French, Quinn XCII proved his prowess performing for a sold out crowd on a Sunday night.

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The Palmer Squares @ Holocene [Portland, OR]

Cold like summer isn’t – The Palmer Squares brought the ice to Holocene in Portland, OR on March 2nd! With support from Stevie Ray (of Sweatshop x Owl Green), Mannovelli, and $QVTCH the rap duo got the venue bumping.

The Weird Kids @ The Garages – Beaverton, OR

New venue in Beaverton, OR called The Garages is now up an running. On 02/06 The Weird Kids were the first group to headline this well lit stage. With support from Salem locals, The Glyph, the venue had a proper welcome into the live music scene.

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Silverstein – When Broken Is Easily Fixed 15 Years Anniversary Tour [Portland, OR]

Close your eyes and picture the year 2003. You’ve got your favorite CD’s safely stored away in their perspective nylon and plastic slots in an over sized binder sliding around on the floor of your car. You just popped Silverstein’s When Broken is Easily Fixed into your cars CD player. With the windows down and the volume on high you cruise off into your feels as Smashed Into Pieces blares out of your crackling speakers. Everything is good again. Portland, OR got to relive every minute of those feels on 01-26-19 for albums 15th Anniversary Tour. With support from Hawthorne Heights, As Cities Burn, and Capstan – Silverstein Rocked Peter’s Room with a heavy dose of early 2000’s hardcore.

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