Emo Night Tour @ Hawthorne Theatre [Portland, OR]

We got all up in our feels on Saturday night at the Hawthorne Theatre. The Emo Night Tour unleashed a lot of emotion on a packed house on June 29th, 2019. Whether the DJ’s were serving up their favorite classics or the band was playing an incredible cover, everyone was dancing and singing along.

Shot for Vortex Music Magazine.

Silverstein – When Broken Is Easily Fixed 15 Years Anniversary Tour [Portland, OR]

Close your eyes and picture the year 2003. You’ve got your favorite CD’s safely stored away in their perspective nylon and plastic slots in an over sized binder sliding around on the floor of your car. You just popped Silverstein’s When Broken is Easily Fixed into your cars CD player. With the windows down and the volume on high you cruise off into your feels as Smashed Into Pieces blares out of your crackling speakers. Everything is good again. Portland, OR got to relive every minute of those feels on 01-26-19 for albums 15th Anniversary Tour. With support from Hawthorne Heights, As Cities Burn, and Capstan – Silverstein Rocked Peter’s Room with a heavy dose of early 2000’s hardcore.

Shot for Vortex Music Magazine.

Underoath @ Crystal Ballroom – Portland, OR

Portland showed up on Thursday night as lovers of the heavy scene filled the Crystal Ballroom for an unforgettable experience. Underoath‘s Erase Me tour featuring bands such as Dance Gavin Dance, Crown the Empire, and The Plot in You is sure to get your feet moving.

-Shot for Vortex Music Magazine on 11/15/18

Real Friends @ Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR

Chicago based Real Friends brought their Fall in the USA 2018 tour to Portland, OR on Tuesday night(10/23/18). Performing songs new and old, Real Friends brought a contagious energy to the stage. Their latest project, Composure, is sure to hit you right in the feels by touching on topics of loving who you are as an individual and the importance behind creating an open dialogue about mental illness. With support from Boston Manor, Greyscale, and Eat Your Heart Out not a single soul in the crowd could stand still.