The Macks & The Shifts @ Sessions Music Lounge [Eugene, OR]

April is a month jam packed full of holidays. You’ve got April Fool’s day, Good Friday, Easter, 4-20, and last but not least Halfway Halloween. That’s right on Saturday April 27th at the Sessions Music Lounge in Eugene Oregon, creatures of night gathered for an evening full of Halloween fun. I had the pleasure of stopping by for some shooting shenanigans and was lucky enough to snap some pics of my favorite locals – The Macks & The Shifts. The monsters mashed and the kegs they tapped, it was an awesome evening full of rock ‘n’ roll.

Movements @ Hawthorne Theatre [Portland, OR]

The punk scene is live and well in the Good ol’ U-S-of-A and on Monday night it was splashed with just a bit of UK magic. California based Movements teamed up with punk rockers Boston Manor, Trash Boat, and Drug Church to tour these patriotic states. Performing for the wild PDX crowd, there was plenty of punks in the pit and these kids go hard!

Shot for Vortex Music Magazine.

Taking Back Sunday – 20th Anniversary Tour [Portland, OR]

Early 2000’s punk vibes and two albums performed back to back live? That’s right, on 04/20 in the stoney Portland, OR Taking back Sunday stole the stage at the Crystal Ballroom for the second night in a row. Performing Tell All Your Friends & Louder Now both in their entirety, fans received a heavy mix of early 2000’s feels. With support from The Maine, the 20th Anniversary Tour was not one to miss.

Shot for Vortex Music Magazine.

Switchfoot @ Crystal Ballroom [Portland, OR]

We were Meant to Live for so much more than CD’s and vinyls, and while I may not have all of the answers – we were definitely meant to live for live music! There’s a refreshing energy when an experienced industry artist hits the stage and on Wednesday night Switchfoot delivered. The Native Tongue tour made a very special stop in the ever so lovely PDX with support from Colony House, and Tyson Mostenbocker. By taking requests from the crowd and then somehow making a 1,000+ attendee show feel small and intimate, Switchfoot left Portland with a very wholesome and memorable evening.

Shot for Vortex Music Magazine.

Quinn XCII @ Crystal Ballroom [Portland, OR]

Wearing an orange jumpsuit and rocking a color coordinated Portland Gear hat, Quinn XCII hit the stage at the Crystal Ballroom. The “From Tour With Love” tour made brief but beautiful stop in PDX on Sunday , March 31st. The crowd was lively and each artist brought an insane amount of energy to the stage. Aligning with two up and coming young artists, Ashe and Christian French, Quinn XCII proved his prowess performing for a sold out crowd on a Sunday night.

Shot for Vortex Music Magazine.

Moon Hooch @ Wonder Ballroom [Portland, OR]

Moon Hooch threw down some funky offbeats for the 700+ people in attendance on Saturday night in PDX. The Wonder Ballroom was jam packed with jazz fusion loving fans and the energy was electr[on]ic! Backed by heavy hitters Kulululu and Elena Shirin (of Aramboa), the Wonder Ballroom was full of good vibes.

Shot for Vortex Music Magazine.

The Palmer Squares @ Holocene [Portland, OR]

Cold like summer isn’t – The Palmer Squares brought the ice to Holocene in Portland, OR on March 2nd! With support from Stevie Ray (of Sweatshop x Owl Green), Mannovelli, and $QVTCH the rap duo got the venue bumping.

Okilly Dokilly @ Dante’s [Portland, OR]

Howdilly Doodilly neigborinos! Okilly Dokilly‘s ReNeducation was in full effect at Dante’s on 02/15. Everything from the music to the VooDoo-dilly doughnut eating competition, the entire evening, was engulfed in Flanders. With support from the touring Playboy Manbaby and Portland local Titty Babies, Dante’s danced the night away.

The Weird Kids @ The Garages – Beaverton, OR

New venue in Beaverton, OR called The Garages is now up an running. On 02/06 The Weird Kids were the first group to headline this well lit stage. With support from Salem locals, The Glyph, the venue had a proper welcome into the live music scene.

-Shot for Vortex Music Magazine

Silverstein – When Broken Is Easily Fixed 15 Years Anniversary Tour [Portland, OR]

Close your eyes and picture the year 2003. You’ve got your favorite CD’s safely stored away in their perspective nylon and plastic slots in an over sized binder sliding around on the floor of your car. You just popped Silverstein’s When Broken is Easily Fixed into your cars CD player. With the windows down and the volume on high you cruise off into your feels as Smashed Into Pieces blares out of your crackling speakers. Everything is good again. Portland, OR got to relive every minute of those feels on 01-26-19 for albums 15th Anniversary Tour. With support from Hawthorne Heights, As Cities Burn, and Capstan – Silverstein Rocked Peter’s Room with a heavy dose of early 2000’s hardcore.

Shot for Vortex Music Magazine.